Realme GT Neo2 glossy screen review

Realme GT Neo2 glossy screen review

The terminal we are talking about, whose AMOLED panel complies in size with what is expected of an Android device today (this has 6.62 inch), offers a good number of good features in everything that has to do with the quality of the images it reproduces. It is important to mention that the component in question has such striking options as protection Gorilla Glass 5 or a frontal use that exceeds 85%, which is especially due to very small frames since the selfie camera is in a small hole in the upper left area.

Other interesting additions that allow the realme GT Neo2 to be placed in a privileged position in its product range is the inclusion of a frequency that reaches the 120 Hz and, furthermore, that the panel ratio is 20: 9. The latter is something that many do not pay attention to, but currently it is very relevant, since it ensures that the consumption of content multimedia in landscape or enjoying games in this same way is achieved with an experience Excellent. Therefore, on paper everything points to very good manners and, in this way, it is quite clear that the manufacturer has taken into account everything that has to do with the panel when creating the smartphone.

Good image quality

By testing on a day-to-day basis how the images on the screen of this phone are displayed, we verify that responds perfectly, since you will not have any problem when it comes to differentiating the letters that appear in applications such as the Internet browser. And, in addition, the colors are especially realistic compared to other models in the same range of products that we have tested.

In the first case, it is noted that the pixel density reaches the 398 dpi, more than enough to be satisfied and, in the second, it is striking that this is a model that is compatible with HDR10. It should be noted in the latter case that the contents that are compatible cannot always be enjoyed … which is because the developers of the apps have not yet included the realme GT Neo2 in their list to be activated. But it is true that on YouTube things are going wonderfully.

Something that has seemed very striking, as well as positive, is that the tactile feedback offered by the terminal screen is very good. Apart from having excellent precision, the speed is very high and therefore the feeling is very good when it comes to seeing how the actions you perform are executed. Of course, not everything is perfect and in some moments we notice a certain tendency to use colder colors of the desirable… this does not impact in the experience of use, but in some moments -as with the gray ones- it makes notice-.

A shocking shine

This is one of the biggest curiosities that the realme GT Neo2 generated, since the manufacturer announces that the screen of this model is capable of reaching 1,300 nits -using the HDR option activated-. This is a fantastic brand, really. However, we could hardly verify its operation due to the aforementioned.

The fact is that when using the smartphone regularly, we check that the power generated in mode Handbook reaches the 625 nits… Which is the best you can currently find in the price range of this device. If the mode is used automatic To manage this parameter -which works like a charm-, it must be said that things improve a lot and we managed to recognize even 810 nits… A figure that in many cases is reserved for high-end models. Therefore, if there is something that draws the attention of this terminal in relation to its screen, it is just this.

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realme GT Neo2 lower screen area

The consequence of this is that regardless of the light conditions that exist in the place where you are, you can always view the contents perfectly.

Good frequency

The maximum that the realme GT Neo2 panel can reach is 120 Hz, so it is in line with what is now the norm in the most striking mid-range of Android terminals. The fact is that there are not a large number of steps when establishing the operation in this section, since it basically limits itself to offering the previous figure or 60 Hz. Therefore, control is not one of its greatest virtues.

The fact is that its operation is quite good, since the terminal works excellently at 120 Hz when displaying menus and other components of the operating system itself … and this makes the sensation always be to show everything to one high speed. It does not lack an automatic mode so that you can forget about having to manipulate anything in the settings. This does not work at all bad, but it is true that sometimes the frequency of the smartphone screen does not drop to 60 Hz if this is possible (and, curiously, with games you always work at 60 Hz). Therefore, we must say that it is fulfilled here, without further ado.


The truth is that we quite liked the screen of the realme GT Neo2, since its powerful brightness makes it special compared to its competition. It represents colors quite well, which is due to a wide dynamic range, since it has options in the software that allows to achieve this, but it is true that there is a certain tendency to blue. The use of 120 Hz does not stand out much, however it has convinced us -and a lot- the tactile speed that this smartphone uses.

Realme GT Neo2 side

Is it the best screen among your competition? Well, what is certain is that it is among the most outstanding and, therefore, this is a section that you should not worry if you value buying this terminal. We recommend it, as it has convinced us.