Planet Fitness, the gym for everyone arrives in Mexico

Planet Fitness, the gym for everyone arrives in Mexico

“We focus on people who want to start working on improving their condition. Today we have more than 16 million members in the world and more than 40% have never been in a gym, ”she said.

In an interview with Expansión, he explained that, today, people are more aware of the importance of exercising and taking care of their health, which is why there is a great demand for gyms; however, many people avoid it because they don’t like the atmosphere of vanity and competition; In addition, they feel judged by those who have been exercising the most or by the same instructors.

Therefore, Rondeau stressed, it was very important to promote a Judgment Free Zone to provide an attractive alternative for those who have never attended a gym or stopped going. It is about creating an environment where the community is friendly and people feel comfortable.

Planet Fitness’s offer is also based on providing the most competitive prices. Thus, in Mexico, the basic membership has a cost of 239 pesos per month and registration is only 3 pesos.

As for the PF Black Card membership, its value is $429 and offers a large number of exclusive benefits such as: half-price drinks, free access to the SPA that has a haircut service, beard grooming, hair drying and ironing, hairdresser, massage chairs, whirlpool bed and tanning booth. Also, it gives Unlimited access to all Planet Fitness clubs in Mexico and the world, in addition to being able to invite a daily companion.