Oxide Room 104 Review

Oxide Room 104 Review

I must say that I have been a fan of horror games for a long time, so making this Oxide Room 104 review it made sense to me. I really like these AA experiences where you don’t find a perfect game but they usually bet on ways to make you uncomfortable, to make you have a bad time (in a good way), and to make you feel terrified not only of screaming, but of that other in the What are you thinking?

Certainly, there are many games that bet on formulas and scares that are already too used, common places. Oxide Room 104 is located at midpoint between a good AA play and a medium gamebetween a very well achieved visual and sound setting, and a rough or poorly developed voice acting and animations.

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Oxide Room 104 Review

Doing this review of Oxide Room 104 I was faced with several issues that did not make a good first impression of the game. But if you resist those first few moments where failures shine, you’ll find a game that will give you the experience you’re looking for in the horror genre. Yes, it’s puzzle-focused rather than action-focused and can be a bit rough. But it has a genuinely oppressive atmosphere, its puzzles are engaging and its time loop mechanic adds an exciting twist. It also has a fair duration.

If you’re wondering what Oxide Room 104 looks like, you should adjust your expectations to the kind of game it is. Like all AA, it is not perfect. In fact, the cinematics with faces, hands and others leave something to be desired. But what the game does shine on is the creation of terrifying settings, setting, and sound. Perhaps more expressiveness was needed in the voice of the protagonist. But when it comes to sound design, the game does quite well.

Oxide Room 104 Review

play escape

This is one of those games where at the beginning you have to learn by losing. You wake up trapped in a small room from which you will have to find a way out. And this will be what marks the style of the game: you will be escaping all the time, and in escape room style, you will have to leave the motel where you are. There are many things that can kill you if you do not make prudent decisions. Poison, traps, strange monsters. But as I have already said, dying will not be the end but a learning with the loop mechanics that the game has.

You will also have good tools that you will earn: antidotes against poisons, bandages against wounds, and pistol against the monsters. Although of course, like good survival horror, everything will be so limited that you will have to use your resources well. If you run out of any of these things, you will possibly die when facing any of the challenges that appear constantly in the game. And lastly, there is no close combat here.

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A loop that changes everything

My first attempt to escape the hotel during this review of Oxide Room 104 didn’t last long. It’s been a while since I’ve played too many survival horror games and that made me suffer from its challenges. but also that motivated me to continue in it despite the frustrations that I had to face. And when I died for the first time, things started to get better, as it turned out that it wasn’t the end of the game, but a change of experience.

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You die, they play a cutscene, and then you’re back in the starting room. But things are no longer the same. Objects change places, so does the number of enemies you face. But not everything changes for the worse: some of the puzzles you encountered earlier may be easier to solve. It is precisely death that will make you learn to move in that hotel full of horrors that will kill you, and the one that will finally lead you to victory.

Oxide Room 104 Review


This is one of those games that commitment to replayability because it has several endings, you get a different one depending on the decisions you make throughout the game. Your first game can take between three and five hours. The difference between the duration will depend on how much you want to spend investigating and solving the puzzles. If you are interested in getting the other endings then you will start over. A good reason to do this is that subsequent games will most likely take two hours or less.

As for what the game has to offer for these three to five hours, it is on the one hand that there are many rooms that you can and must visit in order to escape from the hotel. As well as offering you some kind of puzzle to solve or danger to be aware of, if you search hard you can also find documents that contain part of the story, and that will broaden your understanding of the game universe.

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Oxide Room 104 Review


Oxide: Room 104 may tire many in how crude it can be especially when it comes to voice acting. For some this will have its charm for assuming it as a reflection of the past of video games, but for others it is something that will be annoying and distracting. The animations are basic, the combats are complicated by the limited. In addition, it can be frustrating in many ways, due to the number of deaths you will have, or how demanding it is in terms of the order you must follow to finish it.

It is clear that these flaws have to do with the fact that it is an AA game, and therefore it is a matter of budget and not talent. In fact, for fans of the horror genre, Oxide: Room 104 is an easy recommendation as long as you don’t approach the game thinking of bigger budget games. What this title has to offer you is an original, fun, and well thought-out experience in terms of gameplay and level and puzzle design.