Nintendo has banned more words on Switch

Nintendo has banned more words on Switch

A few days ago a new update was released for Nintendo switch, which includes some somewhat minor changes such as correcting certain errors in the interface and the online store. However, there are always changes that are not made public and now they have just discovered something interesting that involves banning some specific phrases.

As mentioned by the data miner known as OatmealDome, the company has expanded the list of words that cannot be typed in some online game chats. This includes some racist slurs, sexual references, slurs referring to mental illness, and references to terrorist organizations, all in different languages.

Nintendo has released a “rebootless” update for 14.1.2.

The only changes are in the list of bad words. Added a lot of swearing, racial slurs, words of a sexual nature, references to terrorist organizations, and more in all languages.

This has happened constantly on the platform Nintendosince game chats like Animal Crossing either monster hunter have been affected by somewhat unusual behavior by certain users. It is logical that the company wants to avoid this at all costs, after all it has always been considered a company with a family environment.

Via: OatdealDome

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