Ninja threatens to sue Pokimane for alleged “harassment”

Ninja threatens to sue Pokimane for alleged “harassment”

In recent days, the lawsuit between Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Imane “Pokimane” Anys has intensified quite a bit. What started as a “simple joke”, could end up in the courts of the U.S, this after Ninja legally threaten pokimane of course “harassment”.

It all started on January 12 when the popular YouTuber Jidion “JiDion” Adams flood the channel Twitter from pokimane in what is known as a hate raid. The reason why remains a mystery, but JiDion ordered his followers to start harassing pokimane. This forced the streamer will end its 12-hour broadcast Valorant, Y Twitter suspended to JiDion for 14 days before stopping permanently.

pokimane explained the incident a few days later, and it was here that he showed a video of Ninja talking about the situation. In said video, Ninja explicitly mentions that he wrote to his representative of Twitter to see what they could do with the final suspension of JiDion, but there was not much to do. Subsequently, Ninja wrote to pokimane to deny that you have contacted your representative Twitter, in addition to having deleted the video in question. But pokimane saved the videos where all of the above is evidenced.

In a clip posted on Twitter, pokimane shows the messages he received from Ninja, where he swears that he never contacted his Twitch representative, in addition to discreetly threatening Pokimane saying that “I was making a serious mistake.”

The situation escalated quickly when Jessica Blevins, wife and manager of Ninjaalso wrote to pokimane to tell him that they were “considering his acts to be defamation of character” and could involve his legal team. Blevin’s he told pokimane that Ninja just contacted your representative Twitter to “prevent the followers of JiDion they continued to harass her on her channel Twitter“. Ultimately, Blevin’s states that, at this point, the actions of pokimane they are already “an act of harassment” towards Ninja.

It is currently unknown if Blevin’s Y Ninja they will take legal action against pokimane, but considering how quickly this whole situation escalated, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that things could be resolved via the US courts.

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Publisher’s note: I think things got out of control too fast. The simplest way to resolve this whole thing was if Ninja had admitted the truth, and simply apologized to Pokimane for what happened, but instead they preferred to get their lawyers involved.

Via: Kotaku