The franchise G.I. Joe, in its own way, it continues to expand. That company that began as a series of action figures during the early eighties and nineties will present a new movie. Its impact within the toy market was such that it gained legions of followers. Those who, perhaps, go to movie theaters to see Snake eyes: The origin, the next film in the saga, with Úrsula Corberó in the cast.

Signature G.I. Joe It mutated until it reached the big screen after going through animated series and comics supported by Marvel. It all started with GI Joe: A Real American Hero, the name that received the relaunch of the action figures that had been presented during the sixties. That American patriotic essence may not outweigh the display of action during your movies, but it is part of the essence. Explosions, flags and symbolisms. That will also be in Snake eyes.

Snake eyes is the third film in the film franchise that began with G.I. Joe: The rise of Cobra (Stephen Sommers, 2009) and G.I. Joe: Retaliation (Jon Chu, 2013). This film deals with the story of one of the most important and mysterious characters of the GI Joe Team, Snake Eyes, with the interpretation of Henry Golding.

The trailer for Snake eyes: The origin with Úrsula Corberó

This preview on Snake eyes: The origin describes how this character made himself, from his pre-training years to how he became part of a clan of ninjas. On the big screen, this character appeared during GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. It is distinguished by its skills, stealth and silence, as part of an old promise that may be addressed in this film.

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Snake Eyes’s main adversary is Storm Shadow, who will be played by Andrew Koji. From a symbolic perspective, both represent the yin and yang of Taoism through film productions. Snake Eyes is part of the GI Joe while Storm Shadow is part of Cobra, a terrorist organization. Through this pulse, fighting and action scenes are guaranteed.

Within this narrative, Úrsula Corberó will play the Baroness, a woman with influence in different sectors. The actress is one of the villains, part of the hard core of the Cobra organization, and who will try to build bridges with Snake Eyes and, in turn, with Storm Shadow.

Snake eyes: The origin It is directed by Robert Schwentke and written by Evan Spiliotopoulos. Paramount Pictures announced its premiere for this July 21, 2021.