More than 14 million Mexicans receive only the minimum wage

More than 14 million Mexicans receive only the minimum wage

In addition, Mexicans who earn more than one minimum wage and up to two at most, increased 0.5 points compared to October 2020, which translates to 19.7 million people.

As the perception of minimum wages increases, the number of people in these areas decreases. The number of workers who receive two and up to three minimum monthly wages is 7.5 million, that is, 1.9 points less than the previous year.

Mexicans who earn between three and up to five minimum wages are 3.5 million, a decrease of 0.3 points compared to October 2020.

On the other hand, only 1.2 million workers receive more than five minimum wages per month, an item that also had a drop, this was 0.5 points.

The employed population reached 56.4 million people during October 2021, a figure that meant an increase of 3.6 million people, since in the same month last year it was established at 52.7 million people.

By sex, the occupation of men was 34.3 million, a figure higher by 1.9 million compared to that of the tenth month of 2020 and the occupation of women was 22 million, 1.7 million more, in the same period of comparison.