More clues emerge from the development of Death Stranding 2

More clues emerge from the development of Death Stranding 2

Yesterday Norman Reedus somewhat casually confirmed that a sequel to Death Stranding It would be in development, this thanks to an interview that was done regarding his work in the first installment. Now, more clues are shaping this statement, since there are recent images of the Reedus and his own Hideo Kojima at a meeting.

The photos were released on the creator’s own twitter metal gear solid, where they’re doing some kind of funny poses, which while they don’t mean much, maybe they’re giving us the hint of something. For their part, thanks to the publication, fans have already begun to speculate if they are in a meeting to talk about the plot of the second game.

The first Death Stranding It already has three years on the market since its premiere in 2019, so it is possible that they have already started with the pre-production of the next adventure. However, it is quite likely that we will not see anything of the same, at least within a year, a time similar to what happened with the original launch of the franchise.

In news related to Kojima. Some time ago it was speculated that Kojima Productions was in talks to be acquired by playstation studios, and after this the director came out to talk about it. If you want to read the complete note, you can do it through the link that we place right here.

Remember you can play Death Stranding in your version Director’s Cut in PS5 Y pc.

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