Google welcomes autumn by announcing all the news coming to Android in the coming days and weeks, with new functions to further improve our phones without having to update to Android 12. The following news will arrive through updates from Google Play.

For this season Google will improve the accessibility Android, improve integration with Google tv, improve the Google Assistant, throw exclusive functions of the Pixel to all mobiles and more news. The news that will arrive soon are:

Control your phone with your facial gestures

Two new accessibility features come to Android through applications Camera Switches and Project Activate. Starting this week, ‘Camera Switches’ will reach our mobiles through an update of the ‘Android Accessibility Suite’. This tool cturn the front camera into a switch that will replace a keyboard, mouse, or clicks on the phone screen so that people with paralysis or mobility problems can navigate your device.

Starting today, users residing in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia can download Project Activate, a new application that allows users to use facial gestures and eye movements to activate predetermined actions to type sentences (such as “Wait!”), play audio (like a laugh) or send a text message (like “Please come here”).

Google also carries the handwriting recognition to Lookout, its application that uses the mobile camera to help people with low vision or blindness. With its new ‘Documents’ mode, Lookout will now also read handwritten text for Latin-based languages. You will also recognize euros and rupees in the near future.

Control your TV with your phone

Since this week Google is integrating the Google TV remote control on Android, but currently it doesn’t work. Google has announced that this new functionality will be available in the coming weeks through the Google TV app.

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Renewed Assistant Reminders

The Google Assistant renews its reminders section, enhancing the recurring reminders. Will now show helpful hints to create recurring reminders with a single tap.

Google Photos private folder reaches all mobiles

Fold Locker

The private folder of Google Photos, launched this summer for the Pixels, will no longer be exclusive to Google mobiles. This privacy feature is coming soon to all Google Photos compatible phones.

Gboard launches more features

Google continues to enhance its keyboard Gboard, in the coming weeks it will launch for all mobiles four novelties, some that until now were exclusive to the Pixel.

Gboard Emoji Kitchen

The first novelty is that ‘Emoji Kitchen’ continues to grow, and now this particular kitchen that allows us to combine emojis to create fun stickers will add 1,500 new stickers.

The second novelty is that the smart clipboard of the Google Pixel will also reach all mobile phones. When you are going to copy a text that includes multiple information such as phone numbers, email addresses and URLs, Gboard will automatically extract and separate them offering multiple paste options.

The third novelty that will come soon to Gboard is that when you open the keyboard after taking a screenshot, it will show you a suggestion so you can quickly paste it into a conversation or document.

Gboard Suggestions

We will find the fourth novelty from Android 11. Gboard will allow us to quickly complete sentences with just a swipe of the finger. Smart writing, a feature that squeezes the machine learning of our mobile.

Control who shares with you

Nearby Share

Share with Nearby is activating the new visibility for all, with what anyone who is by your side can share files with you without having to add you to the contact list first.

‘Look forward’

Finally, the ‘Look ahead’ function, which alerts you if you are walking by looking at the mobile screen, also reaches mobile phones with Android 9.0 or higher through a Digital Wellbeing update.

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