08/27/2021 at 00:30


Mikhail Kukushkin, Kazakh, number 129 of the ATP, won in one hour and thirty minutes by 6-4 and 6-3 to Jason jung, tennis player, number 168 of the ATP, in the qualifying round of the US Open. After this result, the winner manages to add new points to his ranking to enter the US Open.

Jung failed to break serve once, while Kukushkin did it 3 times. Likewise, the Kazakh tennis player had a 62% effectiveness in the first serve, committed a double fault and got 71% of the service points, while his opponent had a 53% first serve and a double fault, managing to win the 64% of service points.

The tournament New York (US Open) includes a preliminary phase where the players with the lowest rankings face each other to obtain the highest possible score to enter the official tournament with the rest of the applicants. Specifically, 239 tennis players participate in this phase of the competition and a total of 111 come to the final phase. The players come from those who qualify directly, those who have won in the previous rounds of the championship and those who are invited. In addition, it is held between August 24 and September 12 on an outdoor hard court.