• Thanks to the metaverses boom, The Sandbox’s SAND token and Decentraland’s MANA token managed to reach new all-time highs.
  • The Sandbox and Decentraland are two virtual worlds where land extensions are represented by non-fungible tokens that allow the user to monetize them, with the purpose of giving their owner passive income.

Since Mark Zuckerberg announced at an event of his company that it would change its name to Meta, in addition to stating that they would focus on developing the metaverse, this topic has been on everyone’s lips, to such a degree that in fact several companies already have announced the development of their own metaverses, such as Microsoft or Niantic with Pokémon Go among others.

Of course, this effervescence by this new type of immersive and multisensory experience through the use of various devices and technological developments on the internet could not be alien to crypto technologies, since, in fact, These have been around for a long time in the ecosystem and with this new boom, Ethereum-based metaverse projects are already bearing their first fruits.

On November 23, The Sandbox’s SAND token and Decentraland’s MANA token managed to reach new all-time highs, as a result of its brand new growths.

MANA managed to set the new maximum price mark of $ 5.80 dollars this 25. The asset has managed to rise approximately 20 percent in the last hours, with a surprising rise of 539 percent in the last month.

Source: CoinMarketCap.

For its part, SAND managed to reach the historic figure of $ 8.4 dollars during the early hours of this November 25, presenting a growth of 25 percent in the last day, and a development of 747 percent in the last month. Its price currently stands at $ 7.

Metaverso pushes MANA and SAND tokens to all-time highs
Source: CoinMarketCap.

Ethereum-based video games

These two titles are virtual world themed, and are based on Ethereum. In these video games, gamers can acquire and customize terrain in a shared and timeless online virtual environment. Said extensions (of land?) Are represented by non-fungible tokens, in addition to allow the user to monetize them, with the purpose of giving their owner passive income.

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Decentraland was released in February last year, and despite the fact that at that time it was too early to talk about the metaverse, the truth is that, since the announcement of the CEO of Meta (formerly Facebook Inc.) this title has benefited from the popularity of the metaverse.

For its part, Sandbox is not yet online, however, its creators have already indicated that they will release a limited alpha test on November 29, before the massive launch scheduled for next year.

For those who do not yet have it clear, in short, the metaverse refers to the next step on the Internet path, in which users and Internet users will be able to have a more real and closer interaction through the implementation of 3D spaces, in which it will be possible to touch and feel things as if we were really there, through avatars.

Given the ambitions of this virtual space or spaces, it is expected that it will be a more immersive experience that can encompass all kinds of online interactions, such as communication, entertainment, leisure and of course, work.

The company Facebook wants to be the pioneer in the development of the metaverse, which is why it recently changed the name of its parent company to Meta, an acronym for metaverse, as a way to demonstrate its commitment to the future of this technology.

Also, a good number of crypto-themed companies have been lobbying various centralized firms as a way to assert their rights in the future online space.

In fact, Many enthusiasts of crypto assets consider that the metaverse should be, like the internet, a completely open space, in addition to having Interoperability as one of its main characteristics. thus allowing all its users to use their crypto assets and non-fungible tokens in all corners of this new virtual space.

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