The national official spoke at the Inter-American Council for Trade and Production

The Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur, assured this Thursday that the national government “He is going to seek by all means an agreement with the International Monetary Fund”, with whom he is negotiating the refinancing of the debt contracted during the administration of Mauricio Macri.

“We are working seriously and responsibly. We are making every effort so that the authorities of the organizations accept an agreement that allows us to continue with this process of economic growth that we have begun. “, he pointed.

The national official gave a speech during a presentation at the Inter-American Council for Trade and Production. In addition, he assured that “Sorting out this problem, solving it, and completing it will take time”, but highlighted the agreement of the Casa Rosada in the negotiation carried out by the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán.

Manzur pointed out that the debt “will remain as a historical burden for the previous management” that “facilitated an irresponsible flight of currency.” And he added: “With this awareness of the complexities of the present, we are going to work to achieve the macroeconomic consistency that is necessary for sustainable development.”

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