James Gunn reveals one of his anecdotes about Guardians of the Galaxy

James Gunn reveals one of his anecdotes about Guardians of the Galaxy

Each film production has behind it an enormous amount of intra-stories and processes. Over time, these aspects will become known; at least some. Sooner or later, someone reveals a detail that makes her feel something or discovers a particularity about the film. In the case of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this experience may be even more intense due to its fandom. Because James Gunn’s recent information about who was the easiest character to pick in the cast it does not stop being curious and valuable to fans of Dave Bautista.

On Guardians of the Galaxy a series of characters are combined that function as a small ecosystem. Perhaps they do not complement each other, but something of the particular history of each one leads them to be in solidarity with the other and, thus, to amalgamate as a protective group of that which is beyond the earth. This has had a lot to do with James Gunn, the director of the productions, and who will also be in the third production of Disney and Marvel.

James Gunn has not only achieved films that at the time contributed another tone to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but also through them he has managed to position one or another character on the big screen. This detail is not minor because the fandom, attentive to these types of manifestations, embraces them. What happens then? This small sector of industry and pop culture takes hold on different levels. In this case, the information shared by the director has to do with Dave Bautista.

James Gunn, Drax, and the casting of Guardians of the Galaxy

As usual, every so often James Gunn shows up on his Twitter profile and comments on a question. The most recent has to do with Drax, the character played by Dave Bautista. The director referred to him through a response to the query from user Mark Borison, who asked if he had reviewed other profiles and considered other actors, besides Bautista, for the role of Drax.

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To this query, James Gunn replied: “Hundreds of people were thought. A couple were tested. But at the end of the day Dave Bautista was my only option and the only one who understood the character well.”. As if that assessment were not enough, the filmmaker added to another user that “in the test screenings of Volume 2, Drax was the most popular character, surpassing Baby Groot.”

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To conclude on his revelations in relation to the selection process and the acting value of Bautista within the Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn responded to another user: “All Guardians, like all human beings, have comic and dramatic aspects. One of the reasons you think of Drax as “the comedian” is because of Dave Bautista’s performance. No one else who auditioned was so funny. ”