Is the new Pixar movie a copy of a video game?

Is the new Pixar movie a copy of a video game?

Disney is going through a new debate in relation to its most recent announcement. Is about Elementary, his next animated project. A film that will be developed hand in hand with pixar and that, if everything goes according to the expected plans, it will hit theaters next year. But before this is the suspicion that the first image is inspired by a video game.

Is about Fireboy & Watergirlwith two protagonists whose aesthetics evoke those presented by Disney and Pixar for Elementary. The notice was given by the portal specialized in video games Cool Math Gameswith the message: “familiar yet strange” (familiar but strange). After this, in another tweet, she shared an image from the game, with the characters. It is a post made almost a year ago.

Fireboy & Watergirl has at least four editions, “forest temple”, “Light temper”, “ice temple” Y “crystal temple”. Beyond this, the conversation on social networks has been related to the design of the characters. Curiosity does not stop at this point.

Elementary and the announcement of Disney and Pixar

Through his Twitter profile, pixar shared some details about his upcoming movie, Elementary. In the first tweet he reported regarding the synopsis (or something similar):

“In a city where residents of fire, water, earth and air live together, a passionate young woman and a drifting boy will discover something elemental: how much they have in common.”

In addition to this summary, the company shared a first look at the concept art:

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At the center of the controversy

After concept art was shared, Cool Math Games recognized the parallels between the characters posed for Elementary and those of the video game Fireboy & Watergirl. The detail is that there is a slight change. While in the video game the boy is associated with fire, in the film he is associated with water while, in the case of the girl, with fire.

The designs of both are quite similar. That is why the irony in the message of the specialized page and the suspicions that Disney and Pixar could have been inspired by this content to make sense of their new characters. The fifth installment of the game saga is Fireboy & Watergirl: Elements. What does it consist of? The protagonists must overcome various puzzles to advance within the game.