Aug 22, 2021 at 01:28



Marcelino Garcia Toral, coach of the Athletic club, praised the great work done by his team before the FC Barcelona, although he had a bittersweet taste due to the tie because he considered that “in many moments” the Bilbao team has “passed over Barça”.

“Today we are proud of the great game that the team has made. In many moments we have passed over Barcelona. That has a lot of merit. Doing it during the 90 minutes is practically impossible, “defended Marcelino.

“I know the point a little. Anyone who has seen the game I think will say that who deserved the victory, and I think it was Athletic well and fairly, “he said in the press room.

The Spaniard regretted the play that led to the Barcelona draw, “an action that we must avoid and that is avoidable.”

“Football is about successes and mistakes. We play against a team with a lot of quality and any mistake can penalize you, but I have to look at what has happened in the 90 minutes. And I am left with the audacity, the arrivals and the little that we have granted to Barcelona “, he stressed.

“Barcelona dominates most of the teams, not only in La Liga, but in Europe. That is why we must be fair with what the team has done, an immense match. Putting a but today to what Athletic has done today would not consider it fair “added the coach of the Basque team.