In the age of the internet it seems almost impossible for an outdoor shoot not to leak. Anyone with a minimum of attention and, perhaps, a good position, can discover things that followers can wait and debate for months. Something like this has happened with The last of us, one of the series that HBO is developing.

It is a production that, due to the roots of the video game, has a fandom broad, diverse and interested in the end result of this adaptation. At the moment, although there are no more official images, some possible locations and scenes are being known through leaks. Several of them have been grouped by the account specialized in content about the series, @TheLastofUsNews.

The last of us is one of the most important games in the Naughty Dog company catalog. This adaptation is being developed by Craig mazin, who is a screenwriter and producer alongside Neil Druckmann, one of the masterminds behind the game. Mazin is not a minor last name within HBO. It is about who was also in charge of Chernobyl (2019), one of the most important HBO series in recent years.

The leaked images of The last of us

The aforementioned account has been in charge of filtering and grouping different sequences of the filming of the series. Although this might be just curious, it is not entirely. The shared images have allowed us to establish relationships with the video game of The last of us. In one of them, two people are seen on horseback. They would be Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, the protagonists of the story, who play Joel and Ellie.

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In fact, another leaked video leads us to suppose that the adaptation will include the section of the original 2013 video game that takes place in a university – and that it is infested with enemies, by the way. On the other hand, this detail allows us to infer that HBO is preparing a series very close to the story established in the game he directed. Neil Druckmann.

Within The Last of Us, the characters’ horseback riding is key. Judging by the leaked previews, it is likely that there are several of them through the television story. Like any adaptation, in addition to direct references, it is possible that The last of us undergo some creative licensing or changes as the format demands details that may suddenly be omitted in a game.

For now there is no confirmed date for the premiere of the production. Currently, The last of us It is in the filming stage. Most likely, the possible premiere will take place during 2022 or 2023.