According to Digital Transformation Index , prepared by Dell Technology, during 2020 Mexico experienced an important advance regarding digital transformation, since 52% of the companies surveyed in the country were considered part of the category “digital adopters”, that is, companies that already They find themselves investing in innovation.

If there is something that cannot be denied, it is that well-used technology offers enormous potential to generate new business opportunities and to open the way to new markets.

In this regard, recent advances in AI have caused an increase in public and business interest in this extraordinary technology, which has become the most powerful tool and the great ally of organizations around the world to advance and not be left behind in this digital revolution.

While it is true that most of its applications are still in their infancy, more and more large companies are transforming into technology and Artificial Intelligence companies. A very current example is Tesla. As many will remember, months ago Elon Musk communicated that it is not only a car manufacturing company, but that they have now transformed into a Robotics company, in order to continue promoting technology projects focused on the development of AI .

If we take into account the opinion of some Forrester analysts, this scenario is not surprising, since as they argue: the new business models of Artificial Intelligence will be able to optimize the convergence of the digital world with the physical world, and drive the trend of ‘any thing as a digital service. ‘ Consequently, the impact on the customer experience will be enormous.

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This current panorama allows us to see that, if the largest companies are already making the decision to focus their efforts to transform themselves into technology companies, in a very few years this reality will also reach SMEs and MSMEs.

The AI ​​market is projected to reach a value of more than $ 190 billion globally by 2025 and generate revenue of another $ 119 billion.

Taking these parameters into account, I would encourage you to say that the companies that first achieve the technological transformation are going to be the ones that take the market and stand out within it. And while it is true that the implementation of a new technology always implies a huge challenge, being a pioneer in the implementation of emerging technologies, such as AI, has certain advantages such as: the possibility of redefining industries, the way in which they work and become leaders in their sector.