It seems that this may be information that many should master in this digital age, but in reality, few of us have knowledge of how to do it.

It happens to all of us that sometimes we are browsing our social networks, especially Instagram, and suddenly we see a video that has caught our attention and we want to save it on our mobile device to share it, make repost or simply watch it whenever we want.

We well know that this option is not attached to the Instagram tools, we could only save the post on our wall and see it from there. But what if one day I don’t have access to the application? Well, you will not be able to see this post when you want.

It is very important to clarify that the methods to download content should always be used to download copyright-free content or content that we own or that of third parties, provided we have your direct permission.

IGTV Loader

How to download IGTV videos on Android and iPhone

Not everything is said, do not despair, we will tell you how you can download any IGTV you want. Instagram offers you a web address for each post, you just have to click on the “three dots” of each post and copy your link.

Did I do it? Well, once you have acquired that link, you can go to your favorite browser to IGTV loader, this is a web page where you can paste the link that you have copied in the main search bar and it will offer you a download link.

You click “download” and you will quickly have the video download in your download bar of your Android mobile, iPhone or computer and therefore in your multimedia gallery. You can also choose “MP4 DOWNLOADS” like the previous one, you must paste the link in the search bar and just click the download button.

Apps to download videos from IGTV

How to download IGTV videos on Android and iPhone

Don’t trust a web browser and an ordinary but simple download? We will give you other useful options for you.

There are applications that you can download from your mobile device in your app store. These allow you to quickly and easily download any Instagram video directly to your multimedia gallery.

They are totally safe and you will not run risk, you should not worry about a virus or a damaged file. If you are an Android user, you can choose between 4k video downloader or Clipconvert.

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How to download it? You just have to enter Google play if you are an android user, put the name in the search engine and click on “download app”. Once this is done, it will only start downloading it, then its access button will appear on your home screen. Start, enter and copy the link previously copied from the Instagram post you want to download and there it will be! Tap the download link and it will be added to your gallery easily.

Now if you are an iPhone, the process is similar, you just have to enter the App Store and do the same process. You can also download it, for both cases, if you don’t have an application download store on your mobile device, download it from your trusted web browser, be it google chrome, firefox or internet explorer.

Any browser that you have in use on your mobile device will do, you just have to start your search for the download app, whatever you want to choose from the aforementioned and download the file, click on “install app” and you will open the process of download.

When the browser tells you “download completed” go to your download list and click “finish installation”, then you will have the access link attached to your home screen.

It is really easy to download and edit a video from IGTV, none of the options that we have given you have restrictions to download what you want from this platform, you just have to choose the one that is most comfortable for you when using it. They all give you the option of downloading the videos in different qualities of your preference.

Its margin of error in downloading is quite minimal and if you use a good broadband connection, downloading the videos will be very fast and easy. Nor should you worry so much if the video is long, as it will not affect more than the time it may take to download, but the quality will continue to be the one you choose and enjoy more.

Now you know how to have any IGTV video on your mobile, what are you waiting to do? You can now enjoy the videos you have saved wherever you are.