How to download a recording from Twitter Spaces

How to download a recording from Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces have become a good alternative to have live conversations with one or more speakers and several listeners. Many believe that what happens in these audio rooms is completely ephemeral. Nevertheless, all dialogues are recorded and there is an official way to access them.

This is not a method that is, so to speak, one tap away. Rather, it is an option that is a bit hidden, precisely because Twitter does not have a tool to natively record and download what happens in the Spaces. Nevertheless, for moderation and security keep a copy of the audio.

Consequently, if you want to access a specific audio recording, the only alternative is to download a copy of the data stored by Twitter from the option Settings and privacy. This will include all the audios of the rooms of the last 30 days, that is, there is no way to download a specific one.

Downloading the recordings from Twitter Spaces

  • In the browser, click More options.
  • To select Settings and privacy.
  • Within Your account, Click on Download a file with your data.
  • Enter the password and click Next.
  • Verify the identity with the code sent to the email or mobile phone.
  • To select Request file.

Twitter will process the request and within 24 hours will send a common notification download link from one toZIP file with all user data hosted on your platform.

This will include all account information, history, linked apps and devices, interests, and Twitter Ads data. Inside the archive you will find the recordings of the Twitter Spaces rooms from the last 30 days.

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Clearly it is not the easiest way to record what happens in the Twitter Spaces, but at least it allows that interesting dialogue not to be forgotten and that the hosts can access it.

At the moment Twitter has not announced the creation of a more direct way to record what happens in the rooms, apparently because the social network does want to promote this concept of ephemeral conversations.