WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging application in the world. Over time it has become an almost essential tool for communication with friends, family and co-workers. However, on vacation it is good to disconnect to return to routine with renewed energy. In this sense, the application has released a function that allows you to establish a kind of “vacation mode” to keep those conversations aside for a while.

The new feature WhatsApp allows you to better organize your application’s inbox. In this way, the user can choose which conversations or groups will be visible. All the others go to category of “archived”, which in addition to not showing up at the beginning, are also silenced. Isn’t it a perfect function for “that group” whose activity doesn’t slow down even at dawn? Maybe yes, and even if you have previously muted it, it can be annoying to see it in the inbox.

With the new archived WhatsApp chats, welcome to ideas cool to enjoy the summer without the distraction of the mobile that has possibly not stopped ringing throughout the year. There are no more excuses to stop enjoying the holidays on a beach, on an island or under a tree.

Photo by S’well in Unsplash

How to activate the “vacation mode” in WhatsApp?

Putting WhatsApp in this kind of “vacation mode” is very easy. These steps are for Android or iPhone phones, however, the application must be updated, since it is the most recent version that adds this new function.

  • In the “Chats” tab, press and hold on the chosen conversation.
  • Click on “Archive”.

Clever! That conversation will disappear from your inbox and be muted, but you can return to normal at any time.

Returning an archived conversation to its previous state is also very easy.

  • In “Archived Chats”, long press on the chosen conversation and tap “Unarchive”.

It’s that simple the conversation will reappear in the inbox.

WhatsApp also allows you to change the configuration of archived chats so that, when a new message arrives, they will appear in the inbox again.

  • Go to “Settings”, then “Chats”.
  • Tap the “Keep chats archived” switch as shown in the image below.

There is also a method to archive all chats in one step.

  • In “Settings”, click on “Chats” and then on “Archive all chats”.
  • Tap on “Archive”.

Clever! All chats become archived. Now yes, enjoy your vacation.