How sexy is Mexico to work?

How sexy is Mexico to work?

“Everything happened naturally. What has cost me the most is being away from my family, but it has been a journey of a lot of learning and work, which was the reason for leaving Argentina. The agency gave me the foundation I needed to gain confidence and start my own business,” he says.

Today, Dolores has two Mexican daughters, is the director and founder of the children’s clothing company Veoveo, and an employer of local talent. Her short and medium-term plans do not include returning to her place of origin. “Mexico is a country that opens its doors to you, today there are no borders, we must be encouraged to seek international employment because sometimes our destiny is elsewhere,” exclaims Ella Bros.

If before the pandemic, the international job search was already attractive, now it is even more so, say labor analysts. The rise of the home office and flexible work models opened the possibility for this to happen, even professionals can develop in foreign companies without leaving their country, or leave it without leaving their job.

Data from the US job market Indeed show that, from January 2021 to January 2022, the international job search grew 35% in Mexico alone. Applicants interested in being employed in the country come from the United States, Colombia, Spain, Peru, Canada, Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, France, Panama and Costa Rica, in that order.

Luis Vidrio, Indeed sales director, reports that the clicks they receive the most from foreign applicants are to fill positions both online and in person. Most wanted are for Customer Service Representative, Retail Sales Associate, Sales Associate, Administrative Assistant, Laborer, Call Center Representative, Warehouse Worker, Truck Driver, General Clerk, and Delivery Driver.

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However, there is an interesting phenomenon. In this mix of talents without borders, Alberto Alesi, general director of the recruitment company Manpower Group for Central America, assures that Mexico is an interesting employment destination for Latinos looking for a better job opportunity than the one they would find in their country of origin. source.

“We are virtually importing human capital with lower wage bases than we have here, that is, from Latin countries, whose minimum wages, due to inflation or devaluation, are lower than ours. The salary band for these exportable profiles, in a bilingual call center, goes from 16,000 to 26,000 pesos in junior positions”, he details.

In contrast, for Americans, Canadians and Europeans, Mexico is attractive because they have access to better market opportunities. “Professionals from countries with a stronger currency, such as the United States, see Mexico as a helpful culture, but above all with less competition than in Silicon Valley or Europe,” explains Pepe Villatoro, regional head of expansion at Deel, a company of international contracts.

While Latinos perceive that Mexico is the headquarters of corporations and a more active market at the regional level, others know that, whether they want to work for a company physically or remotely or start a business, they can grow here due to the number of inhabitants. , trade agreements, location of the country and cost of labor.