How many Silent Hill rumors are in development?

How many Silent Hill rumors are in development?

It seems that Konami and Silent Hill they are finally ready to return to the video game industry. For months now we’ve been hearing rumors about the possibility of not one, but several new installments in the iconic horror series. However, it was not until last week that a leak gave these speculations a new lease of life. Now, To this is added a third game, which could well be in charge of Annapurna Interactive.

According to sources close to VGC, Konami is planning three projects related to Silent Hill. One of these is the new project that was leaked last week, another is a remake of Silent Hill 2 by Bloober Team, and the last one would be a delivery in the “Stories” Project by Annapurna Interactive.

Sources close to the outlet have mentioned that different studios and publishers have approached Konami in recent years to propose various works. One of these was Supermassive, responsible for Until Dawn. However, this eventually evolved into what we know today as The Dark Pictures Anthology series.

Returning to the subject of the third project, VGC has mentioned that It’s not a guarantee that Annapurna is working on a new Silent Hill., since this company could only be involved in the process of submitting ideas, without its proposal being approved. As always, this is just a rumor, and at the moment there is no official information.

As additional details, it has been mentioned that last week’s leaked images correspond to a PT-style demo which would prepare us for the strong release of Silent Hill. Along with this, it seems that Konami had the intention of showing all this and more in the past E3, but at the end of the day their plans were delayed, so that during this summer our doubts would be clarified.

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In related topics, you can learn more about the remake of Silent Hill 2 here. Similarly, here is more information about the new game in the series.


Editor’s note:

After years without a new Silent Hill it would be interesting to see Konami announce several projects in this series at one time. Each of these three titles sounds possible, with a smaller-scale installment by an independent studio being something that could well be a pleasant surprise.

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