He has already eaten 30,000 Big Macs

He has already eaten 30,000 Big Macs

Parents are often promised many things in life, and many are quite film. Studying medicine, following in his footsteps, becoming a man of integrity and another series of messages that usually permeate Hollywood and that, in the case of the protagonist of our story, may end that mystique.

It is the case of Don Gorske, an American from Wisconsin who assured in his earliest childhood (barely 10 years old) that When I grew up, I would eat at McDonald’s every day. We might think that that child would forget his word, but the reality is that he has kept it.

Even strictly, because there are even days when he eats more than once at McDonald’s, even reach the outrageous figure of 32,943 Big Macs eaten throughout his life. A long-distance career that he began in 1972, the year in which he came of age and that now, celebrating his ‘golden anniversary’ with the popular fast food chain, has earned him a commemoration in style.

Needless to say, Gorske holds several records, notably the more Big Macs eaten over a lifetime —as the Guinness Book of Records confirms— and we have no doubt that he has a small monument in his local McDonald’s, in Fond du Lac, a population of about 40,000 inhabitants, located 90 kilometers from Milwaukee, the largest city in the world. populated state.

His feat, as they explain so much Washington Post What FDL Reporter (local media) includes only skipping the ‘diet’ eight days of his life and it was for a good cause: a snow storm that prevented leaving the house. Still, as Gorske explained, he made it to the nearest McDonald’s but, of course, it was closed.

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The record is not without controversy either, as may be plausible. Although Gorske has managed to eat in the fifty states that make up his country and also in Canada, whose border is not particularly far from Fond du Lac, we must also put on the table the habit, which could be unhealthy, of squeeze at least one Big Mac a day.

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Beyond verifying that Gorske is not overweight, it should be clarified that He was part of the documentary with his testimony Super Size Me, premiered in 2004, and in which Gorske participated. Perhaps the most curious thing about the whole story —in a story that is already curious in itself— is that Gorske’s wife is a nurse and ensures that her husband does not suffer from hypertension or overweight. Furthermore, as explained from FDLReporter, she is delighted because that is not how she cooks.

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