Grilled pork secret recipe with tricks to make it crispy and juicy

Grilled pork secret recipe with tricks to make it crispy and juicy

Today we are going to prepare a very simple recipe, some pieces of grilled pork secretbut the most important thing is that together with the recipe, we will give you the tricks so that this cut of meat from white pig or Iberian pig It is very crispy and very juicy inside.

The secret is a cut of meat located between the shoulder and the belly of the pig, so it has a significant amount of infiltrated or streaky fatwhich makes it very tasty and very juicy, as long as it is cooked properly.

If we wanted to make meat cooked in the oven or a meat stew in a pan or pot, then it is preferable to use other cuts of pork like the prey, which, being thicker, withstands these cooking techniques very well without drying out. For the secret, grilling or grilling is preferable, techniques with which this meat will be very juicy.

The surface of the pork secret is quite flat but it is irregular as there are thicker areas and thinner areas. That is why I recommend cutting this piece into three or four pieces looking for them to have a uniform height and thus we can cook each one as far as it corresponds. Ideally, take the secret out of the fridge two hours before cooking, so that it tempers well, which will also prevent the meat from shrinking and deforming on contact with the iron.

We do not add salt and preheat the griddle or grill very well before putting the meat on top. to help a greater contact between the meat and the plate, I usually put a weight -it’s actually a hamburger press- on top of the meat, and I let the secret cook for three or four minutes on one side and another two or three on the other. On the thinnest pieces, two minutes per side will suffice.

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It is very important not to go around turning the meat continuously, but to do it only once. For this, we will never use anything that pricks like a fork, since we would lose more juices. To turn the meat, kitchen tongs are the perfect tool. Turning around, we look at the song of the secret to assess how it is going.

When the meat is to our liking, we remove it from the griddle or grill and let it rest for a minute or two. Then we season it with salt and pepper to taste and we take it to the table with the chosen side dish.

With what to accompany the grilled pork secret

To accompany the grilled pork secret, I have chosen some grilled vegetables, although you can also prepare some great fries, or make white rice, according to your preferences. If you want to make it serve With sauce, try preparing a homemade chimichurri, a simple garlic and parsley mashed, a reduced sweet wine sauce or a blue cheese sauce. All of them fit perfectly.

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