GoW: Ragnarok Editions Leaked!

GoW: Ragnarok Editions Leaked!

Although PlayStation has not yet provided the release date of god of war ragnarok, several insiders assure that this will happen at any second. Not only have expert comments pointed this out, but a new leak has revealed that this installment will have a couple of special editionsas well as the content that we find here.

Everything seemed to indicate that yesterday, June 30, it was planned to reveal the release date of god of war ragnarok. However, this information was delayed. This was not only pointed out by Jason Schreier, a journalist from Bloomberg, but Tom Henderson, a famous insider who usually shares accurate leaks, also supports this. Now, Henderson went a step further, since has also revealed the alleged special editions of this title. These are:

Jotnar Edition

-A copy of God of War: Ragnarok

– 1:1 scale figure of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir

collector’s edition

-A copy of God of War: Ragnarok

– 1:1 scale figure of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir

-game map

-Pins in the form of badges

-More items to be revealed

These are physical special editions, and could well be responsible for the delayed release date announcement, this due to the logistics involved in pre-orders. Similarly, it is not ruled out to see a slightly simpler edition, such as one with only a steelbook, as well as a couple of special digital versions.

On related topics, Cory Barlog asks fans for patience in the absence of information about this game. Similarly, the developers of the game have begun to receive harassment from the public.

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Editor’s note:

Although these gigantic editions always attract attention, I hope that we will have several options available to us, such as what happened with Horizon Forbidden West. I just want a steelbook and an art book, just that.

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