2021 is a year of change for Samsung. The company will put aside one of the most successful series in its entire history. It will not do it just because of the arrival of other terminals that it wants to promote, but because the sales of these successful devices have been in the doldrums for a while. As you well read in the title, Samsung just said goodbye to Samsung Galaxy Note series. This year 2021 you will not see the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 21, so if you were waiting for them, you can stay calm: they will not arrive.

The “death” of the Galaxy Note gives way to the Galaxy Z

It is not, far from it, the first time we talk about Samsung folding. They have been on the market for some time and are becoming more and more popular with users. This year Samsung has decided to leave behind Galaxy Note to focus on the Galaxy Z, its folding.

The Unpacked held every year in August has always led to the presentation of the Galaxy Note on duty and several other products. This year the protagonists will be the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. Both foldable and accompanied by other products, but not more mobiles.

One of the bosses of Samsung has made it clear: this year the protagonists are the folding and there will be no Samsung Galaxy Note 21. With these words the possibility of seeing, in 2021, a new Galaxy Note is closed.

Will there be Samsung Galaxy Note 22 next year?

goodbye to the Samsung Galaxy Note

It is possible that Samsung has taken 2021 as a test to see how it goes to have folding as protagonists. In 2020 they were important devices, but in the shadow of the Galaxy Note or Galaxy S shift. This year this will not happen and the litmus test will begin at the presentation.

If Samsung is well received by the market Samsung Galaxy Note may never come back. Of course, if Samsung does not obtain good results selling folding mobile phones, it may consider offering a Galaxy Note type mobile again.