Gerdau Corsa participates in the sculpture Stand Up for the Seas!

Gerdau Corsa participates in the sculpture Stand Up for the Seas!

Gerdau Corsa is a company with more than 120 years of experience in the steel industry, so during this time it has sought continuous improvement in environmental management and performance to continue being a leading company in this sector. That is why, in keeping with its responsibility, it is proud to be part of Stand Up for the Seas! which, by Rozana Montiel Estudio de Arquitectura, symbolizes Latin American architecture through the sustainable design of steel in architecture and art.

For Gerdau Corsa, participating in this sculpture at the Biennale of Architecture and Landscape of the Île-de-France region in Versailles 2022 represents enhancing the lines of architectural and artistic work, adding the value of structural steel engineering in cultural spaces. In addition to the benefits of steel, such as malleability and toughness, in this work a significant contrast of said material was allowed, from the fundamental part and from the structure, in addition to incorporating the different recycled elements.

Precisely, using recycled materials in sculpture goes hand in hand with the line of action in the production of Gerdau Corsa : by recycling more than 11 million tons of scrap for the manufacture of its products, the company is positioned as the largest scrap recycler in Latin America.

Gerdau Corsa not only seeks to defend the sea from pollution, but also promotes Green Construction given the advantages it implies, such as lower costs at various levels, from the construction stage to the occupation, operation and maintenance of the building. By speeding up and making these processes more efficient, polluting emissions are significantly reduced and with this, the planet and the industry are helped.

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