Fourth day of demonstrations in support of Djokovic

Fourth day of demonstrations in support of Djokovic

Jan 09, 2022 at 19:08



For the fourth day in a row, fervent supporters of the Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic They gathered in the center of Belgrade to express their support, a few hours before the Australian Justice decided whether to order his deportation or to allow him to enter the country to play the Australian Open.

“Nole, Nole” or “Nole, legend” the protesters shouted in front of the Serbian Parliament, where they were summoned by the Djokovic family.

“There are no borders that you cannot cross” and “Come on, Nole 1,” read some of the banners they carried, while others waved Serbian flags and heart-shaped balloons.

“Today is a great day, when we go before the judge to find justice. The whole world will hear the truth. We hope that Novak comes out as a free and successful man,” said the tennis player’s brother, Djordje, according to the portal ‘Blic’.

His mother, Dijana, described as “inhumane” the conditions in which his son has been found since last Thursday, asylum, and denounced that “they only give him lunch and dinner, but not breakfast.”

“He cannot leave the room, which does not have a normal window. The only thing he can do is look at the walls,” he complained, while insisting that “Nole” met all the requirements to enter Australia and play the Grand Slam. , which will be played between January 17 and 30.

The father of the tennis player, Srdjan djokovic, estimated the number of protesters at about 200, in front of whom he again praised his son, as on several previous occasions.

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“Novak is the personification of freedom, of everything human that a person can have,” he is “the best boy in the world” and a great humanist known for his humanitarian activities, he said. He also reiterated his accusation that the problems he has Djokovic to enter Australia are due to Canberra political motives. “They are a disgrace!” He exclaimed regarding Australian politicians.

He compared the tennis player to the former American boxer Muhammad Ali, considered one of the best of all time, of African American origin, “who was punished because he did not want to be part of the imperialist world.”

Djokovic He arrived in Melbourne on Wednesday with a medical exemption for not being vaccinated, but authorities revoked his visa, amid an international uproar.

His lawyers filed an appeal and maintain that the tennis player tested positive for covid on December 16, 2021 and that two weeks later he was recovered, so that on January 1 he had been given permission to enter Australia.

The Melbourne Circuit Court has reported that the hearing on the revocation of the tennis player’s visa, which can be followed online, will be held on Monday from 10 am (23.00 GMT on Sunday).