‘Don’t Look Up’ Is Shattering Netflix Records

‘Don’t Look Up’ Is Shattering Netflix Records

‘Do not look up’, the Netflix film directed by Adam McKay and which has an amazing cast (Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Timothée Chalamet, among others), has broken a new record on the platform. This Christmas comedy has been broadcast more than 152 million hours on Neftlix during its second week of release. This is the highest number of hours per week in the history of the service, according to Film Updates.

‘Don’t Look Up’ premiered on December 24, 2021, and during these first two weeks has collected more than 263.2 million hours played, becoming the third most-watched English-language film on Netflix. It is followed by ‘A Ciegas’, with 282.2 million hours played during the first 28 days, and ‘Red Alert’ which remains in the first place with 364.2 million views in the first month of its premiere. ‘Don’t look up’ also surpasses ‘Extraction’ (231.34 million hours watched) and ‘El Irierno’, (214.57 million hours watched).

The news about the record of views of ‘Do not look up’ has reached the ears of McKay, who has assured on Twitter that he was “amazed” before the reception of his most recent work. The film, which is about a group of scientists who try to prevent a gigantic comet from hitting the earth and ending humanity, has given much to talk about because of their similarity on how a similar catastrophe would be managed in real life, their great cast that includes, even, the singer (and also actress) Ariana Grande, and by the division of opinions between critics and spectators.

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‘Don’t Look Up’, on the way to being Netflix’s second-most-watched movie


On the other hand and taking into account that Netflix updates the positions every 28 days, and that ‘Do not look up’ is only 19 million reproductions of ‘Blind’, it is likely that the film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence will surpass the one directed by Susanne Bier and reach , therefore, the second place.

The film, in fact, managed to position itself in the top 10 of the 94 countries in which the platform is available just four days after its premiere, where it obtained 111 million hours viewed, according to the company.