details you should know before watching it on Netflix

details you should know before watching it on Netflix

Month after month, Netflix tends to release an original production that at first glance looks like a coin and then results in an undeniable audience success. Blood red sky (Blood red sky), directed by Peter Thorwarth, is the latest phenomenon of the platform of streaming. A story about terrorism and vampires, in short. Although it offers a series of layers that give another dimension to the story.

The film was released on July 23 and there are those who already demand a sequel. That’s how positive its draft has been. Does it have to do with the fascination that airplanes can generate (in some cases)? Is it related to the fact that they are spaces in which the plots seem not to have different dimensions but effective productions can be achieved? Both questions could be associated with another sensation: it is a finite physical space.

In that sense, Blood red sky It offers another peculiarity: it is not just the umpteenth fictitious hijacked flight. To that detail are added fantastic aspects, so attractive today judging by the scope of different Netflix series, such as The witcher Y Sweet Tooth: The Deer Boy. That makes the plot more striking.

Blood red sky: tradition and synopsis

Transcending into space is one of the natural fascinations of a part of humanity. If it’s looking for a movie that describes part of that search, it might be mentioned Interstellar (Christopher Nolan, 2014). When it comes to crossing space without wanting to leave the ground, airplanes are a constant in the cinema.

That relationship goes from Sierra de Teruel (André Malraux, 1939) to Dunkirk (Christopher Nolan, 2017). In the middle and in the margins of those movies, a handful more can be referenced: The carnival of the Eagles (George Roy Hill, 1975), Memories of Africa (Sydney Pollack, 1985), The Aviator (Martin Scorsese, 2004), Snakes in the plane (David R. Ellis, 2006), The wind picks up (Hayao Miyazaki, 2013) and Sully (Clint Eastwood, 2016).

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Blood red sky (Blood red sky) responds to that tradition, adding an argument that could update it. The tracks are offered the synopsis official: “A woman with a mysterious illness is forced to act when a group of terrorists tries to hijack a night transatlantic flight. To protect his son, he will have to reveal a dark secret and unleash the vampire he fought to hide.

Direction and cast

Peter thorwarth has an extensive film production career, based on both long and short. The world may have known him for being the screenwriter, along with Dennis Gansel, of Wave (Dennis Gansel, 2008). To this production are added others for which it also received some recognition, such as Bang boom bang (1999) and Wir sind die Welle (2019).

His career has alternated between writing and directing. In Blood red sky Netflix’s both are combined because Peter Thorwarth, in addition to directing it, also wrote it together with Stefan Holtz. His work is linked to that of producers Christian Becker and Benjamin Munz, who took care of details such as adapting the plane for filming. Although it was not a real one, it was one made to scale in order to better recreate the different atmospheres.

That team, along with the photography of Yoshi Heimrath, and the directing assistance of Jakub Dvorak and Holger Hage, is accompanied by the following actors: Graham McTavish (The hobbit: the battle of the Five Armies, 2014), Dominic Purcell (Prison Break), Roland Møller (Land of Mine, 2015), Alexander Scheer (Enfant Terrible, 2020), Peri Baumeister (The last kingdom, 2019), Kais Setti (Oray, 2019) and Chidi Ajufo (Doom: Annihilation, 2019)

Blood red sky (Blood red sky) is on Netflix and has a total duration of 2 hours and 3 minutes.