For Citibanamex it is good news that a woman can be governor of the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) and she said that Victoria Rodriguez Ceja has performed excellently in the responsibilities conferred on it.

The director of Economic Studies and Communication of the bank, Alberto Gómez Alcalá, considered that the position of governor of Banxico is critical and fundamental, especially in situations such as the current one, with so many monetary and economic challenges, both domestically and abroad.

It is excellent news that a woman has the possibility of presiding over our central bank. In this particular case, I do not have the pleasure of meeting her, although I am clear that she has had an excellent performance in the responsibilities that have been conferred on her ”, he assured.

Lee: BBVA trusts Victoria Rodríguez’s capabilities as Governor of Banxico

Gómez Alcalá considered that, until now, all the nominations to the Board of Governors of Banco de México sent by the President of the Republic and ratified by the Senate have been successful, with full respect to the requirements of the law.

“Furthermore, the members of the Governing Board have acted in full congruence with the constitutional principle of central bank autonomy. These two elements will continue to be fundamental for the dynamics of the financial markets ”, he added.

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