What the anti-money laundering law says

The FIU issued on August 6 the Call for the certification regarding the prevention of operations with resources of illicit origin in the sector of vulnerable activities that contemplates the Federal Law to Prevent and Identify Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin (Lfpiorpi).

The Lfpiorpi establishes in certain acts or operations the restriction of liquidating or paying, as well as accepting the settlement or payment of acts or operations through the use of coins and banknotes in national currency or any other currency and Precious Metals.

The restriction thresholds for the use of cash and metals are as follows:

Can you pay for a house with cash?

Yes, in accordance with the provisions of the Lfpiorpi, but the real estate must not exceed the 719,200.50 pesos.

How much cash can you pay for a car?

It also details the purchase and sale of new or used cars, within them it considers air, sea or land but the amount should not exceed 287,680.20 pesos.

The Law specifies what real estate can be paid for in cash in Mexico and what is the limit amount.