However, the Democratic politician, who swept the November 2018 election, is expected to survive this recall referendum of his mandate and leave 46 rivals, mostly Republicans, who aspire to succeed him if he is defeated.

After a weak start, Newson, a 53-year-old former San Francisco mayor, seems on his way to salvage the trance. Polling site predicted on Tuesday that he would win 53.7% of the vote and therefore remain in office.

Democratic President Joe Biden himself flew to California on Monday to express his support for him and warn voters that removing him runs the risk of a Donald Trump-type governor taking over.

President Joe Biden takes more aggressive measures to vaccinate his population

“They keep Gavin Newson as governor or install a Donald Trump,” Biden said at a rally in Long Beach. “Voting no (to impeachment) will protect California from Trump. The option should be very clear,” he added.

Newson also appealed to mention the former Republican president, a hated figure in California, where the number of registered Democrats is twice that of Republicans.

“In California, Trumpism is still in the election,” he said.

A Republican radio host and Trump supporter, Larry Elder, tops the list of 46 replacement candidates. Elder has promised to remove the requirements for vaccines and the use of masks.