Author of MHA reveals one of the lowest points of the series

Author of MHA reveals one of the lowest points of the series

At the moment, My Hero Academia is one of the most popular series, but obviously this does not mean that its author, Kohei Horikoshi, never had doubts about its creation. Specifically, Horikoshi He mentioned a time when, according to him, the franchise was at one of its “low points,” and he wasn’t sure he was going to be able to move forward with it.

To celebrate the adaptation of the Arco Summer Training Camp, Horikoshi mentioned the following:

“Until Summer Training Camp, the series had maintained a steady level of popularity, but the moment the villains came along – it crashed! The popularity dropped suddenly. Sorry to say this, but I guess people didn’t want to see you there. I already had the story planned and I couldn’t make the villains disappear without doing anything. I decided to cut back on some of the things I had planned for Summer Training Camp and just rushed to get to the next battle.”

It seems that nowadays this has completely changed, since the arch of My Villain Academy it is considered by many fans as one of the best to date. Of course, heroes will always be a central theme for My Hero Academiabut this new twist certainly pleased the community and we’ll see how this is reflected in the story.

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