Reuters.- Apple will introduce new iPhone and Apple Watch models with slight updates on Tuesday, and analysts expect wireless carriers to play a bigger role in the annual show, with a focus on bringing consumers to 5G plans.

Apple last year introduced its iPhone 12, which featured a new look and its first devices with 5G connectivity. This year, analysts are expecting modest hardware upgrades and a deeper focus on 5G.

In particular, carriers like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile that have developed their networks since the beginning of this year are likely to offer new incentives with devices that can take advantage of the faster speeds those networks can offer, said Ben Bajarin, director of Consumer Technologies from Creative Strategies.

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“There seems to be a lot more (5G network capacity) than there was even six months agoBajarin said. “They want people to switch to better services. They are going to be really aggressive. “

Apple’s biggest product launch of the year comes as its stock performs less well, as business practices such as charging software developers for payments on their applications have come under scrutiny from regulators.

Apple shares accumulate a rise of 15.6% so far this year, behind the performance of the Nasdaq Composite Index, which rose almost 19% during the same period.

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The iPhone 13, as analysts expect the new phone to be called, probably won’t look much different than the iPhone 12 on the outside.

But analysts expect it to have faster processors and Wi-Fi, and Bloomberg has reported that the higher-end model is likely to focus on screen and camera enhancements, such as “Portrait Mode” to blur backgrounds when shooting video.

Analysts also believe that Apple will continue with constant updates to its Apple Watch, which has become the cornerstone of its accessories segment.

Apple users who buy more than one product, such as an Apple Watch and an iPhone, are seen as more likely to stick with the brand and spend on the company’s apps and services.

Apple is likely to focus on more fitness features with the watch, It is closely paired with Apple Fitness +, a paid service that offers guided workouts with Apple instructors.

“It’s the only service they offer where you literally have to have this product or you can’t use this service,” Bajarin said.

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