Last week Apple officially announced the long-awaited – and rumored – external battery with MagSafe for the iPhone 12. Now, the company has launched iOS 14.7 which, among other things, provides compatibility with this new accessory whose objective is to provide more hours of autonomy.

iOS 14.7 arrived just in time. This week, the MagSafe battery will begin to reach the first customers, so it was expected that the update of the operating system would be released these days, after testing the beta version.

But it’s not all about the MagSafe battery. Apple has also introduced other improvements in the latest version of your operating system. For example, it incorporates a air quality indicator in the Maps application. This feature, which also comes to the Weather app, will be available in several countries, including Spain, Italy, France, Canada, the Netherlands, and Korea.

iOS 14.7 also incorporates improvements to the Home application, with the possibility of adding various timers on the HomePod. The Podcasts library now allows you to choose whether to view all podcasts or just the ones in a row. In addition, those who have an Apple Card will be able to create credit limits and share an account with other users.

MagSafe battery comes to life with iOS 14.7

As mentioned at the beginning, the biggest new feature in iOS 14.7 is the MagSafe battery support. This version of Apple’s system will allow the new accessory to work seamlessly on all the devices for which it was designed. That is, the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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It should be remembered that the MagSafe battery has a capacity of 1,460 mAh. As for the design, at the moment it is only available in white.

One of the most interesting points of the Apple MagSafe battery is that it can be charged simultaneously with the iPhone 12. For this it is necessary to connect it to a Lightning cable and then adhere it to the back of the smartphone. What’s more, also works as a wireless charger for AirPods with compatible case.

Yes indeed, MagSafe battery does not include charger or Lightning cable, so the user must buy one separately or use a previously purchased one. Apple recommends using a 20W charger.