Animated backgrounds in Windows to bring your PC to life

Animated backgrounds in Windows to bring your PC to life

Although windows has evolved much over the years, there are things that remain immovable. For example, the desktop. We continue to see that enormous space that we usually fill with files, folders and shortcuts. That and an image that we will see often. Image that can be static or moving in the form of animated wallpaper. Do you know animated backgrounds?

It is not a very exploited function by Windows, but for a long time the Windows desktop background can be an image, a video or a website. This can be counterproductive, since depending on what you use as the background it can entertain you instead of helping you to work. But that’s another problem.

The fact is that with the following applications you can change windows desktop for animated backgrounds. A way to get out of the monotony and rest your eyes after hours of spreadsheets and emails. With the Animated wallpapers you will be able to watch videos directly on the desktop as a window to the outside.


We start with one of the most recommended apps for this task. lively-wallpaper it can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 and up. It works with one or more screens and supports various levels of customization. In addition, it is open source, in case you want program it to your liking

First of all, it has your own collection or library of animated backgrounds. Also, you can add your own creations to give it a personal touch. As a background it is possible to use GIF animations, videos or web pages. For this it uses the Chromium browser engine and the MPV media player.

Each background or animated wallpaper has its own configuration options. so you can make every background yours and behave differently. A very complete solution to animate the Windows desktop background.

Desktop Live Wallpapers

Another good solution to animate your desktop background is Desktop Live Wallpapers. It is also free, although with purchases. For example, the ability to add any video is paid. It works on Windows 10 and Windows 11 and supports up to three simultaneous monitors.

Starting from its own catalogue, this app allows you to configure animated backgrounds in the form of videos that they play in loop. Nature, animals, fluids and colored lights… There are several options to choose from. Optionally, you can add more animated backgrounds.

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Since we are talking about videos, the application facilitates the reproduction of the image but also of the sound, if it has it. Come on, if you use a nature video, you can listen to background audio while you have other windows or applications in front of you.

Beautiful Wallpapers

With your own videos or with the collection of Beautiful Wallpapers. This application transforms your desktop by providing animated backgrounds with or without sound. A way to relax or concentrate using your own animations or those of others.

Its operation is simple. You can drag and drop your own video, to play in a loop, or select one of those available in the app. His collection has elements natural and animal of great quality.

As with the previous app, if the videos have audio track, we can listen to it during playback as a desktop background. Both in its own videos and in those that incorporate the tool by default in its catalog.

PUSH Video Wallpaper

Beyond the Microsoft Store, there are more applications that will be very useful for changing desktop backgrounds for animations. The best example is PUSH Video Wallpaper. It works on Windows 7 and up. Also Windows 10 and Windows 11. It is free and allows you to use videos, GIF animations and YouTube videos.

In short, with this application you will turn your desktop into a window to anything you want, from video clips to natural spaces, abstract forms, etc. What’s more, you can use a photo folder as an animated wallpaper in which the displayed image changes.

More particularities of this app. It’s compatible with various video formats, so you will not have problems when choosing your own videos. The size of the video adapts to the size of the screen or desktop. So that there are no empty spaces. And finally, in addition to playing a single video, you can play a list of videos and thus always have something new to see on the Windows desktop.