Alpura enters the vegetable milk market with the new Seeds brand

Alpura enters the vegetable milk market with the new Seeds brand

The plant-based milk segment in Mexico had a growth of 13.1% in 2021 and closed with a market value of 22,259 million dollars in 2021, which will reach 53,970 million in 2028, according to the consultancy firm Fortune Business Insights.

“We do not enter this category to play food, we enter because we are convinced that the product we have will have a relevant participation in the next 24 months,” said Bouyra, in an interview with Expansion. “Now we are starting, the base is small, but we hope to have a double-digit participation,” he added.

Last year about 1,500 Mexicans decided to adopt a vegan diet, according to the international organization Million Dollar Vega, and Mexico is already the country with the most vegans and vegetarians in Latin America. According to a Nielsen report, 19% of Mexicans are vegetarian, 15% flex-vegetarian, and 9% vegan. Figures that are above the average for the region, which is 8%, 10% and 4%, respectively.

cope with inflation

Alpura, like other companies dedicated to the production of food and beverages that are part of the basic basket, has also had to overcome inflation. It has done so with the increase of between 5% and 8% in its prices, but also with the launch of more profitable products and the adjustment of its presentations.

“In flavored milk, we reduced our size slightly (from 250 to 200 milliliters) in order to sustain the inflationary impact we had, and in other products, such as Fortis and Alpura milk, we offered the presentation of a liter and a half or six pack at a special price. ”, says the director.

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Bouyra said that it will be towards the second half of the year when a second review will be carried out, but for now the company does not plan to make further increases in its prices.

The dairy producer is one of the companies that joined the Federal Government’s initiative to contain inflation. Therefore, the price of fresh pasteurized milk will not increase. “It is a single product that we have in the pact. We agree with the initiative that was carried out by the government. Although we suffer from tremendous inflation, we also think that we must be careful with our products and their prices”, concluded Bouyra.