Apple’s AirPods range has been a resounding success almost since its launch, despite initial criticism from a good portion of users, all major companies have now copied Apple by launching their own 100% wireless headphones. And Apple, obviously, is not going to miss this success and prepares many new features in the AirPods range.

Last year we had an update of the original model and a completely new version: the AirPods Pro, which improved the sound and incorporated active noise cancellation. But Apple is not going to stop here, and there are already rumors of new AirPods models that could come to the market very soon, as well as an update of the existing models.

The next AirPods that Apple will present

Apple is expected to present two new generations of AirPods this same 2020, but current models could also be updated soon. This is all we know about Apple’s AirPods range.

AirPods 3

The third update of the AirPods will come in the future, although it does not seem that they will appear this year. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this new generation will be launched throughout 2021. This new model will not change the design drastically, they probably have the same external design that has been maintained since the first generation.

As for the improvements, it seems that they will be internal, so they could improve the sound, connectivity and battery. Kuo specifies that they could adopt what is known as SiP, System-in-Package, a technology that simplifies the circuits and chips already used by AirPods Pro, something that would improve sound quality.


AirPods Pro 2

With the second generation of the AirPods Pro, it happens as with the AirPods 3, they are not expected for this year and could be delayed until 2021 or even 2022. We have not heard many rumors about this new generation, but everything seems to indicate that we will keep the same design and some features will be improved internally.

AirPods Pro Lite

One of the most rumored models in recent months and that we have not yet been able to interpret very well, even Kuo assures that they could finally be a new Beats model. Other filters, like Jon Prosser, hope that it will be a reduced version of the AirPods Pro without active noise cancellation but with the same design. There are even those who say that these AirPods will be “like the iPhone SE” but from the range of headphones.

As you can see we have many doubts about this new AirPods model, however, its launch should not be delayed, they are expected for this same 2020, we will see if we see them before the summer begins.

AirPods Studio

They are the AirPods of which we have more references, and probably those that are released before. These AirPods Studio will be a completely new version, similar to the Headband Beats, so the sound quality will be much higher and the noise cancellation will improve compared to the AirPods Pro.

beats airpods apple

These AirPods Studio will have many interesting functions and will be one step above in terms of price, we do not expect anything less than 300 euros and it seems that they could start at $ 349 or $ 399 . Its launch should be in this same 2020 , the leaks indicate that its production is about to start.

Many new features are expected in Apple’s headphone range and many new AirPods models could be unveiled soon. Apple wants to give more options in a market that continues to grow and that increasingly generates more income.