Activision Blizzard is not happy with the new union

Activision Blizzard is not happy with the new union

Last monday may 23 something important arose in the video game industry, because the green light was given to the initiative for which he fought Raven Software to have a labor union of workers. This was possible thanks to a majority of votes with 19 opinions in favor and 3 against; and now, it seems, that the news has gone down quite badly on Activision Blizzard.

The organization is named after Game Workers Alliance, which seeks to make things a little fairer in the company, even looking for more to join the cause in other companies. For its part, justice is being sought for what happened with the CEO current, Bobby Kottickwho is allegedly accused of labor abuse, especially towards the female sex.

After breaking the news, a medium known as gamesindustry had a chat with a representative of ActivisionBlizzardwho is sure to leave the fate of all Raven Software at 19 employees, it might not be the best idea. Here is his comment:

We respect and believe in the right of all employees to decide whether to support or vote for a union. We believe that a major decision that will affect the entire Raven Software studio of approximately 350 people should not be made by 19 employees.

This could be considered as a kind of attack on the union, since a dissolution could be sought in the last few months, something that is going to be complicated after everything they had to go through to achieve it. Everything is expected to be resolved at the joint meeting, which is interested in seeking a collective agreement by ActivisionBlizzard.

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It is worth commenting that microsoft has not commented on it so far.

Via: gamesindustry