Valve took the world by surprise with the sudden introduction of the Steam Deck, its portable console. The device has generated a lot of expectation in the community gamer, to the point that the Steam systems collapsed when making reservations online. A debate has also been opened regarding whether or not it will be a direct rival of the Switch. The truth is that, rivalries aside, its developers they bet not to suffer the same hardware drawbacks that Nintendo has suffered.

In a recent interview with IGN, the creators of the Steam Deck claim to have done everything possible to avoid drift (drift) on the console controls. Yazan Aldehayyat, hardware engineer, and John Ikeda, designer, focused on the work done at Valve so as not to fall into failures like those that the Japanese corporation has suffered. Known as Joy-Con Drift It has been a real headache for the Nintendo Switch, which has even led to serious legal problems.

When it comes to controls, the Steam Deck covers a fairly wide range of possibilities. It features analog sticks, trackpads, crosshead, triggers, and buttons, so component reliability is not to be taken lightly. And this has been highlighted by those responsible for the device.

Valve doesn’t want Switch issues on Steam Deck controllers

“We ran a lot of reliability tests, on all fronts and all inputs, and with different environmental factors. We feel this will work really well. […] Obviously the parts will fail at some point, but we believe that people will be very satisfied and happy with this, “said Aldehayyat.

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For his part, Ikeda referred to the parts chosen for the Steam Deck in order to avoid problems such as drift. “We purposely chose something that we knew the performance of, right? We didn’t want to risk that. I’m sure our clients don’t want us to risk it either“, he asserted.

Thus, the references of Valve intend to ward off any type of ghost about possible early failures in the controls of their new console. It is worth noting that the drift It has been detected in controls of different devices, due to the wear and tear of the use of analog levers; However, in the Joy-Con of the Nintendo Switch it has been much more evident. In fact, a few days ago a youtuber shared a video showing how to easily fix the problem using a small piece of paper.