a simple (and quick) vegan recipe for a tender and tasty vegetable

a simple (and quick) vegan recipe for a tender and tasty vegetable

In addition to a type of marinade, the marinade It takes on its own meaning in the Philippines, where it is almost the equivalent of sofrito in Spanish cuisine. Each house has its own favorite version and there are many variants of this kind of sauce or dressing, and can transform completely vegetables such as aubergines, in a few minutes.

As we have already seen in other Filipino adobo recipes, for example with chicken, cauliflower or pork, there are three basic ingredients: garlic, soy sauce and vinegar. In addition, bay leaves and abundant black pepper are not lacking, which can be enhanced with other aromatic products such as fresh ginger or chili peppers, to give it a spicy touch.

The ideal would be to have Chinese type eggplants, but any good local variety will do, better if they are fleshy, with a thin skin and a medium elongated size. The original author from whom we have adapted the recipe cuts them into slices, but out of pure personal whim we have preferred to present them in a different way in thick strips; the format in blocks or rectangles is also common.

Cut the ends of the washed aubergines and cut them into thick strips or slices about 2.5 cm thick. Chop the peeled garlic and chop or grate a piece of ginger, also peeled.

Heat a fund of oil in a large saucepan or frying pan and brown the aubergines in batches on both sides, until mark them well. Reserve on a plate. In the same pan, with a little more oil, cook the garlic with the ginger for a minute and add the other ingredients, with plenty of pepper.

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Stir for a minute and add the aubergine again, making sure it is well covered by the liquid. Keep cooking for below boiling point and let cook about 15-20 minutes, or until the vegetables are very tender to taste.



With what to accompany the aubergines in adobo

A plate like this pickled vegetables ask for aromatic rice such as basmati to accompany and turn it into a satiating vegan meal, which we could complete with some protein such as tofu, cooked or sautéed chickpeas, etc. In an omnivorous menu we could take them as Garrison of any meat or fish, or serve them cold -a little tempered- as a starter or to complete a salad with an Asian air.

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