A postgraduate degree in Artificial Intelligence opens opportunities for the future

A postgraduate degree in Artificial Intelligence opens opportunities for the future

In this regard, Dr. Mauricio Corona, president of the BP Gurus Group and coordinator of the specialty and postgraduate course in Data Intelligence at La Salle University, explained that the disruption that solutions based on Artificial Intelligence are generating demands that each and every one of the collaborators of a company participate, to generate the necessary algorithms.

For example, he pointed out, in the case of companies like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, there is a group of psychologists and sociologists who work to understand what behaviors algorithms need to have, in order to attract and retain users, how in which large technological projects generate their income.

“As they say, data is the ‘new oil.’ The only way to be able to do an analytics and an understanding of them is through Artificial Intelligence, which is helping to generate disruption in practically all the industries that we know today and is even helping us to create new business models” Mauricio Corona affirmed.

In this sense, he recalled that one can immediately think of systems engineers or computer sciences to carry out information processing, however, data scientists are actuaries or financiers, mainly. The key is in the academic preparation to perform in these specialized areas and to form interdisciplinary teams.

The president of the BP Gurus Group pointed out that this is a fundamental component to be able to develop the Artificial Intelligence industry and offer tailored solutions for each of the businesses in the market.

“Today we see opportunities for marketers to work with people from Human Resources to create certain services that are useful for an organization or society in general, as well as financiers collaborating with doctors on Artificial Intelligence projects that require algorithms so that the analytics of data works”, explained Corona.