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Susana arizaga

The mayor of Castroverde de Campos, Cecilio Lera Blanco, has entered the prison of Topas for allegedly offering money to a minor in exchange for sexual intercourse, as LA OPINIÓN-EL CORREO DE ZAMORA has been able to verify, a newspaper belonging to the same communication group as this medium. The events would have occurred last Wednesday, November 24, around four in the afternoon, when Lera addressed the alleged victim in a bar where they were both to offer her money in exchange for being with him. The court has decreed unconditional imprisonment for Lera, without bail.

The case was brought to the attention of the Civil Guard by the minor’s parents, who transferred to the Villalpando Court what they described as a case of corruption of minors. The judge, after hearing the fourteen-year-old girl, and at the request of the prosecutor, decided to classify the crime such as induction to prostitution, acts punishable by between four and eight years in prison in the event that the victim is under 16 years of age, as appears to be the case.

Lera Blanco, mayor of Castroverde of Campos although expelled from the PSOE, argued in court that he was drunk at the time the events occurred.

The municipal councilor has a criminal record still “alive & rdquor; derived from conviction for gender violence towards his ex-wife and another sentence that found him guilty of a crime of minor injuries and threats. More recently, he was convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol, which has led to the withdrawal of the license.

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