You like Google Chrome, but not Google? In this case, you have a lot of Chromium-based browsers at your disposal, such as Kiwi Browser. Anything else lightweight and absolutely no dependency on Google is Ungoogled Chromium.

Ungoogled Chromium is Chromium after removing all the code that points to Google’s servers, being something like a “dumb version” of Chrome, totally isolated from Google and with a little extra, although not activated from the factory.

Chromium and nothing else

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers for Android, although over time it has added some functions that could be considered expendable. Yes you like Google Chrome, but all the data it shares with Google, the middle way is Ungoogled Chromium.

Obviously, Ungoogled Chromium does not need Google Services to work. You can therefore install it without problems on a Huawei mobile with HMS, where the standard version of Chrome works, but not too well. The philosophy of Ungoogled Chrome is simple: remove all traces of Google and keep the experience the maximum possible.


Ungoogled Chromium is almost indistinguishable from Google Chrome

In practice, Ungoogled Chrome is almost indistinguishable from Google Chrome in plain sight, if we discount that the home page has no search engine or articles and that, obviously, there is no synchronization with Google. The rest is identical.

Ungoogled Browser is a Chromium-based browser with nothing from Google and a few add-ons

Most of the changes are internal, and will be especially appreciated by those who want to stay totally outside of Google. Functionality such as the Google domain detector, integration with Google messaging and other web services have been removed. As if this were not enough, they are internally blocked all requests to Google by the browser. You can open the Google website manually, of course.

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In this way, what you type in the address bar is interpreted as web addresses and not as searches, unless you change the default settings in the options. There are several search engines to choose from, among which Google cannot be found.


The address bar does not search unless you indicate it and other added functions, such as force the computer version

Not everything is to remove in Ungoogled Browser, there are also some additions in the form of functions related to privacy, although they are not activated from the factory. For example, you can force computer or tablet mode for all web pages, in addition to opening pop-up windows as new tabs.

Ungoogled Browser is a free browser, open source, with versions for various platforms including Android phones. You can download its latest version from F-Droid. It is installed independently of Google Chrome and is compatible with mobiles from Android Lollipop 5.0.