a complete Easter menu in the walk through the gastronomy of the network

a complete Easter menu in the walk through the gastronomy of the network

With an eye on one Holy Week which is expected to be closer to the normality of this festival, we cannot avoid completely embracing the typical gastronomy of the time. Much shorter than Christmas, we have to get our act together if we want to enjoy our favorite dishes and also try some new recipes, which regional specialties They go a long way.

The blogosphere does not fail us on special occasions and that is why the leitmotiv was evident in our Walk around the cuisine of the network from today. It is clear that we love gastronomic traditions and we have recipes with cod, French toast and other sweets for a Holy Week that could last the whole month. Always we have days left to cook and taste everything we would like.

Cod to everyone’s taste

Whether taking advantage of the seasonal skrei or recovering the tradition of desalting it at home, cod is the quintessential fish for Lent and Easter. And it is almost impossible to get bored of it with the amount of recipes that we can prepare with it.

Cod with baked potatoes and Asopaipas alioli.

We can make an aperitif with the cod and potato fritters from The Winter Guest and the Creamy croquettes from La cocina de Frabisa, which can also be a good snack dinner. Also perfect for dinner is the cod omelette with fresh garlic and spring onion of Cooking among olive trees, whose cut demonstrates a delicious juicy texture in its simplicity.

Already with more forceful or complete dishes we also have a good variety to choose from. The combination with potatoes is a classic that does not fail, for example in the Asopaipas recipe with baked potatoes and aioli, delicious with that final gratin touch, or the simple Loleta recipe cod with potatoes in sauce to dip a lot of bread.

Cod Chickpeas

Chickpeas with cod meatballs and minced meat from Les receptes del Miquel.

For its part, Su de Webos Fritos offers us an elegant battered cod served with tomato and pepper sauce, accompanied by mashed purple potatoes, and in Les receptes del Miquel another classic of our gastronomy awaits us, the Chickpeas with cod meatballs and minced meat.

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A sweet Easter

Torrijas continue to reign in the sweet world of Easter, despite the fact that in many places they are consumed at other times or throughout the year, and we never tire of trying new versions. But also there is room for more easter sweetsthat it is already good to keep abstinence.

Honey syrup

Honey syrup for Antojo French toast in your kitchen.

Battered in sugar, with honey or syrup? Choosing an option can be difficult, but you always have to start with the basics and that’s why Maite de Antojo in your kitchen teaches us how to prepare a homemade honey syrup which will also serve to intoxicate other sweets or serve with desserts such as ice cream, waffles or pancakes.

Sevillian Torrijas

Sevillian French toast with orange blossom honey syrup and orange from La Olla Vegetariana.

Moving on to the quintessential dessert itself, we have to start the sevillian torrijas with orange blossom honey syrup from La Olla Vegetariana, which also includes a touch of fresh orange juice. This fruit also appears in the creamy orange pancakes from Frabisa’s kitchen, and they could make a succulent combo with the golosonas chocolate toast from Blog de cuina de la Dolorss, who uses Jewish bread.

If we get tired of torrijas we can continue with the traditional sweets trying the Asturian drunkards of Julia and her recipes, also a recipe for using stale bread, and well flavored with anise and cinnamon. Those who prefer to travel further afield can cheer themselves up with the soft formagelle or Sardinian pastries that Miriam teaches us from The Winter Guest, which remind us of Iron quesadillas.


Spiced Carrot Cupcakes with Cheese from Chocolate Cupcakes.

And now thinking more about Easter Monday and the little ones in the house, you can’t miss the mini chocolate eggs that Chloé from Being Biotiful prepares with peanut butter, a good accompaniment to the typical Carrot Cupcakes of chocolate cupcakes, spiced, with cream cheese and nuts.

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