We present the 5 deaths that shook the Marvel Universe over eight decades, which defined the course of the history of La Casa de las Ideas

The Marvel Universe has given us over eight decades great sagas and memorable characters that have remained in the taste of readers, but inevitably, there have been deaths that rocked The House of Ideas.

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These deaths have affected different heroes, inspiring them to defend the innocent, or have led them down a dark path to bring justice in their own way.

However, a common factor of these deaths in the Marvel Universe is that their impact continues to affect the present in different ways, so we present to you the deaths that impacted the Marvel Universe

Bucky barnes

Marvel comics

While Bucky Barnes resurfaced in his Winter Soldier stage thanks to Ed Brubaker, the death of Captain America’s partner is an event that to date haunts Steve Rogers (in addition to justifying Marvel’s decision not to assign teenage companions to his heroes).

In the last days of World War II, after freeing themselves from capture at the hands of Baron Zemo, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes try to stop a drone, which would explode on US soil, so they both reach the plane, but Bucky throws Rogers into the icy waters to deactivate the plane.

Although years later Captain America was found in suspended animation, Bucky’s body did not appear, presumed dead by preventing the plane from reaching its destination.

Ben parker

5 deaths that shook the Marvel Universe
Marvel comics

Definitely the death that has most impacted the history of Spider-Man is that of Ben Parker, dear Uncle Ben, who became a father to Peter, after the disappearance of Richard Parker, his biological father.

The origin of Spider-Man would not be understood if the tragic night in which the wall-crawler, who was a television celebrity, was negligent in not arresting a thief in the studio, who later broke into the house of the Parkers, and murdered Ben Parker, who stood up to this thief.

Although Spidey was able to stop the thug, Uncle Ben’s death taught him that with great power comes great responsibility, a lesson that echoes in the arachnid’s actions to this day.

Gwen stacy

5 deaths that shook the Marvel Universe
Marvel comics

Although Peter Parker is currently happy with Mary Jame Watson, it is undeniable that another death that had an impact on the history of Spider-Man is that of Gwen Stacy, at the hands of the Green Goblin, in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man # 121.

Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker began their romance when they were both students at Empire State University, living moments of all kinds, although the one that had the most impact was the death of Police Captain George Stacy, who supported the heroic actions of Spider-Man.

Gwen’s kidnapping and death not only impacted Spider-Man fans, it also prompted a change in Mary Jane Watson, who became a more mature woman and supported Peter in his duel, to the point of becoming a couple, but the impact of Gwen’s death on Spider-Man is undeniable.

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Jean gray

5 deaths that shook the Marvel Universe
Marvel comics

If the death of Gwen Stacy impacted the mythology of Spider-Man, in 1980 Chris Claremont and John Byrne presented us with another event that would reflect on the future of the X-Men, the death of Jean Gray, who adopted the mantle of Dark Phoenix. .

The X-Men sought to protect Jean, whom Empress Lilandra and the Shi’ar sought to assassinate. After feeling the Dark Phoenix emerge again, Jean chose to die before a Shi’ar laser, under the stunned gaze of Cyclops.

Jean has starred in countless encounters and disagreements with death, but the episode at the end of the Dark Phoenix Saga is still a death that affects the history of the X-Men and shook the Marvel Universe

Peter parker

5 deaths that shook the Marvel Universe
Marvel comics

One of the heroes that we never imagined would pass away is Spider-Man, in his Ultimate version, where Peter Parker fights a battle with several enemies, already with his identity exposed. To defeat the Green Goblin, Spidey crashes a truck into him, which explodes.

The impact of the explosion mortally wounds Peter, who dies in Mary Jane’s arms, but not before feeling relieved to save Aunt May, in compensation for not having saved Uncle Ben years before.

This death has repercussions in the Ultimate Universe, since without this event, Miles Morales would not have appeared on the scene as the new bearer of the mantle of Spider-Man, who is now already on Earth 616.

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Source: Marvel / Newsarama

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