The Android mobiles They have thousands of functions and it is very difficult to know all of them. Today we are going to tell you 4 functions for Android mobiles that you probably don’t know and that are very interesting. They will help you get to know your smartphone better and use it more efficiently and intelligently. They are slightly hidden tricks that are not extremely popular with users. Of course, when you get used to it you will never want to stop using them ever again.

Discover 4 new functions of your Android mobile

We selected 4 functions of Android phones that are in almost all devices on the market and that can be very useful for day to day. Some of them are hidden and others are as easy to use as a long press on an application.

You will not discover a new world thanks to these functions, but you will be able to use more options on your Android mobile to make your day-to-day easier or perform actions much faster. If you have been with your Android mobile You may know some of them, but surely not all.

Share your home WiFi with a QR code from your mobile

Did you know that you can share WiFi password from your house with your mobile? Most models on the market have the possibility of generating a QR code with the credentials of the WiFi to which they are connected. If someone comes to your house and asks for your password of your WiFi You don’t have to give it to him: just open your mobile and scan the generated QR code. Your mobile will connect automatically.

To generate this QR code, go to Settings, then to the WiFi section and look for a scanner icon. On Xiaomi phones, for example, it is at the top right. If you press it, it will allow you to scan a code and if you press at the bottom it will generate the QR code so that other users can connect to your WiFi without entering the password.

Lock apps with your fingerprint

4 functions for Android phones that hardly anyone knows

If your mobile has fingerprint sensor you can not only use it to unlock it. This sensor also serves to block access to applications or certain parts of the interface. You only need a very light application to be able to block applications with a fingerprint. In this way, no one will be able to enter WhatsApp or your email without your permission.

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The best application is AppLock, as it allows you to use the fingerprint sensor or a password. This means that you can also do it if you do not have a fingerprint sensor on your mobile. Download it, configure it and voila: you will have the apps of your choice locked with your fingerprint.

Register multiple fingers on the fingerprint sensor

Do you want someone else to have access to your mobile? Would you like to unlock your mobile with several fingers? Virtually all mobile phones on the market allow register multiple fingerprints to be unlocked. It is something that very few users know and a very very interesting function.

What’s more, you can register the same finger several times so that the device has several registers and thus the unlocking is much faster and without failures. If you want someone else to have access to your device, simply enter the fingerprint sensor settings and register your finger so that it also recognizes it as valid when unlocking.

Save time with Android shortcuts

4 functions for Android phones that hardly anyone knows

Don’t you know what the shortcuts? Android included them years ago and there are very few users who use them. They are incredibly useful if you get used to using them, as they can save you a lot of time. The shortcuts are shortcuts that are located in the applications icon. If you do a long press on an application you will see that several options appear.

These options are related to each application and allow you to quickly access several of its most important sections. For example, if you press and hold the Google Chrome application, it will allow you to easily open a new tab. Each app has different shortcuts and they are very useful to save time.

These are the 4 functions for Android mobiles that we recommend you start using today. They are very useful and are available in almost all Android smartphones From the market.

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