Home News 17-year-old ban removed from Yu-Gi-Oh!

17-year-old ban removed from Yu-Gi-Oh!

17-year-old ban removed from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Games of all kinds cannot always be 100% balanced, the clearest evidence is the dozens of characters that have appeared in Super Smash Bros. game that must be constantly updated. The same applies to the world of cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! with certain cards, but now, Konami has decided to unban a classic game piece.

After 17 years of absence, users can already include in their decks “exchange fidelity”this was made known by a list of banned and limited cards in the TCG. According to official records kept by fans, the card has been banned since the year 2005and right from that moment it was only used for unofficial competitions.


For fans, “change fidelity” is an iconic spell card in both the game and the anime. Its power allows you to take complete control of one of your opponent’s summoned monsters and use it against them until the end phase of a turn. It was used in somewhat unfair ways, which is why Konami He gave him a ban of almost 20 years.

In news related to the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! Some dataminers discovered some interesting files to Master Duel, these belong to future updates that will arrive over time. Both new cards and unique strategies are included, if you want to know part of this content, we invite you to click on the link.

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