150W charging and the most powerful of MediaTek at an unexpected price

150W charging and the most powerful of MediaTek at an unexpected price

Realme continues to expand its catalog of smartphones with two new members belonging to the GT family and that stand out, in this case, for a particular feature: charging. The new ones Realme GT Neo 3 and GT Neo 3T They come with adapters capable of supplying a battery at a power of 150 and 80W, with the Neo 3 version being the most powerful to date.

With those 150W, the Realme GT Neo 3 can charge 50% of its 4,500 mAh battery in just 5 minutes, reaching 100% in about 12 minutes. It is a much higher power than that offered, for example, by the Xiaomi 12 Pro, a smartphone of a higher range than that of this GT Neo 3 and that has a fast charge of 120W, capable of supplying 100% battery in about 20 minutes.

Realme has also opted for a series of adjustments to prevent the terminal from overheating, as well as to prevent the battery from rapidly degrading. The company ensures that the terminal has a more advanced heat dissipation system compared to other models of the GT family, as well as a dedicated charging safety chip that keeps the battery at 80% of its useful life after 1,500 charge cycles.

The Realme GT Neo 3T, for its part, has a 80W charge that allows supply 50% of its 5,000 mAh battery in about 12 minutes. The charging speed of the hand models, however, is not the only remarkable feature of these new terminals.

Realme bets on the latest from MediaTek and screens at 120 Hz

Realme GT Neo 3T.

Under the hood, the Realme GT Neo 3 includes a SoC Dimensity 8100 from the manufacturer MediaTek. It is the first smartphone to arrive in Europe with this processor, which competes head to head with Qualcomm’s Snapdraogn 8 Gen 1. All this, in addition, accompanied by 8 or 12 GB, as well as an internal storage of 128 or 256 GB. Regarding the screen, this GT Neo 3 is 6.7 inches. It is an AMOLED panel with a Full HD + resolution and a refresh rate that reaches up to 120 Hz.

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The Realme GT Neo 3T, on the other hand, has a processor Snapdragon 870, as well as 8 GB RAM and 128 or 256 GB internal storage. Its screen, in addition, is more compact; 6.2 inches. It maintains, yes, AMOLED technology, a Full HD + resolution and a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Realme has not wanted to leave aside the photographic section either. Both models have a similar configuration, but with different sensors. The Realme GT Neo 3, for example, includes a 50 megapixel main camera with an IMX766 sensor. The Neo 3T, although it has a higher resolution; 64 megapixels, its sensor is slightly lower. Both smartphones maintain an 8-megapixel ultra wide-angle camera, as well as a 2-megapixel macro lens capable of taking pictures at a distance of up to 4 centimeters.

How much do the new Realme GT Neo 3 and GT Neo 3T cost?

Relame GT Neo 3
Realme GT Neo 3.

Both the Realme GT Neo 3 and the Realme GT Neo 3 will be available from June 9 in the company’s online store and in the main physical and online stores, such as Amazon, MediaMarkt, El Corte Inglés, PcComponentes or Fnac. The company has also activated a launch offer that will last until June 22. These are the prices.

  • Realme GT Neo 3 12GB and 256GB: 699.99 euros (649.99 euros + Realme Buds Air 3 headphones as a gift with the launch offer)
  • Realme GT Neo 3 8GB + 256GB (80W charger version): 599.99 euros (549.99 euros + bugs Air 3 headphones as a gift with the launch offer).
  • Realme GT Neo 3T 8GB + 128GB: €429.99 (€399.99 with the introductory offer)
  • Realme GT Neo 3T 8GB + 256GB: 469.99 euros (429.99 euros with introductory offer.

In parallel, Realme has also announced a special version of the Realme GT Neo 3T. It comes with a special finish inspired by Dragon Ball, and with the same specifications as the standard version. Its price is 499 euros for a single version of 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. It will be available on July 8.